The apartment I was staying at with a group of friends in Miami had a fountain outside which had this weathered bird that wter, time, and algae had stained. The light in the courtyard was filtering through and fell on the bird gently illuminating it.
This was a fountain I came across while in Miami. The fountain wasn't working,but thelor and lighting on the fountain were beautiful.
Late afternoon, walking the beach in Miami. The lifeguard stations are pretty colorful.
This show was taking in Miami. Walking along the beach on a late afternoon the sun was hitting the dunes, but enough light was just peaking over the top that hit was hitting a wave.
This is a green penny fern that had very pretty arms reaching out across a dark rock. I loved the way the light was hitting the arms. This photo is from the National Botanical Garden on the National Mall.
On a short drive for fun, we stopped off at Bodega bay to see the school house from the movie "The Birds". I also took a shot of this small chapel.
Just a shot looking back at the new city line of Panama.
The resort I stayed at while in the Pearl Islands had many colorful wood carvings. I liked this fish.
These were the blue ties on the boat. something about the color and the composition drew me in.
Ancient Indian Petroglyphs we discovered while taking a short hike on St. John Island. These petroglyphs were etched into stone along a small pool of water.
Among the foliage turning colors were these fern. This photo is taken in the forst near Big Meadow campground, Shenandoah National Park
This tree was still standing, despite that it had very little foliage on it left. What caught my eye was the colors looking up, which greatly distracted from the tree. The green leaves and yellow leaves against the deep blue sky. I prefer the photo in black and white because there is so much color.
A tree had fairly recently fallen over and was still laying in the river. This was taken on the Maryland side of the C&O trail.
Just looking down at Historic Hapers Ferry. This was shot in Fall when all of the trees are changing color.
Harpers Ferry is a historic town surrounded by two rivers and hillsides covered in beautiful trees. This dark ivy covered tree seems to loom over the town.
This one section of Historic Harpers Ferry, looing up toward the chapel, were a lot of invidividual fences. Together they seem to form a maze.
This tree had fallen over into the pond earlier, but had now been covered with snow. The tree roots were visible, as were the branches. What was most interesting was how the roots looked black against the white snow, and the branches covered in snow looked white against the black water of the pond.
I found this thorny fruit at the Botanical Garden in Charlotte. I am not sure what the fruite was, but I liked the way the light was filtering through the trees and thorns.
Pedestrian bridge that crosses over from the Mission Inn to an auxilary building.
The clock that overlooks the Mission Inn main courtyard.
The fountain that is in the courtyard infront of the Mission Inn chapel.
This is the Berkeley Springs Museum Building
This is a beautiful half dome window with a starburst that faces the natural hot spring. The quality of wood work that only comes from the days of yore. This was the window on the old building which is the hot spring Spa in Berkeley Springs West Virginia.
The reflection of a tree and building in natural hot spring.
Along the Tidal Basin are many quaint little resting areas. The day was getting late, and the sun was starting to get lower in the sky. The light was filtering through the trees and making the cherry blossoms glow. This is a Japanese Pagota that was a gift by the mayor of Yokohama, Japan in 1957.
This cascade is featured at the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial. The fountain is one of 5 different waterfalls in the Memorial. The cascading steps is meant to signify dam building projects, namely the TVA project. TVA is the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federally owned corporation started in 1933 to provide Tennessee with many services during the Great Depression. The dam still provides hydroelectric power and still is one of the most efficient hydroelectric plants in the country.
Looking down at the falls from the Maryland Side.
Magnolia's Restaurant
Quick shots up the street in Purcelleville
Old barn just off of the W&OD bike path.
Old barn just off of the W&OD bike path.
Old barn just off of the W&OD bike path.
Old barn just off of the W&OD bike path.
Old barn just off of the W&OD bike path. The old barn is completely abandoned and falling into ruin. Nonetheless, the architecture and construction was beautiful
Haning lanterns in the asian courtyard at the Mission Inn.
Animal statue by the fountain in the main courtyard of the Mission Inn.
Poseidon fountain
Statue of a woman holding a water vase
This was a wrecked boat found on the beach at Isla Contadora, Panama.
This is a closeup of icicles that had formed underneath a tree that had fallen across the falls at White Oak Canyon Lower Falls
At the bottom of the falls the creek has a bunch of round stones all covered in snow.
Side view of Mount Vernon
Water fountain in front of the Franciscan Oakville Winery.
Point Reyes Lighthouse.
Darioush Columns
Darioush Columns
Darioush Columns
Darioush Columns
A closeup of the top of a column at Darioush Winery.
A closeup of the top of a column at Darioush Winery.
Waterfall at Spruce Pine
A selection of buoys hanging on the exterior of a small boat house.
Toymaker of Williamsburg is a toy shop located right off of the main road through Colonial Williamsburg. The round window added a very interesting architectural detail. Reflections and toys are visible through the old windows.
Old colonial brick fireplace and window with moss growing.
Front view of the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg.
A fork and a spoon as a window display for a general store in Colonial Williamsburg.
Colonial Well House in Black and White
An old log and chain on a gate.
Boats docked at the harbor in Whittier Alaska.
Large Buoys at Whittier Alaska
A view of the Capitol from between the trees on an early Spring morning.
The main entrance to the United States Capitol building
Old lamp in front of the United States Capitol Building.
Thomas Jefferson statue facing the wall with Thomas Jefferson's Statute on Religious Freedom
A shot of the Memorial Bridge in Washington DC.
Iwo Jima hands grasping at the flag.
Iwo Jima hands grasping at the flag.
Tombstones at the Arlington National Cemetary in Spring
This is a view across from the Glade Creek Grist Mill during summer at the the Babcock State Park
This is a portrait view looking up stream at the Glade Creek Grist Mill
This small building is just outside of Historic Harpers Ferry shows the ghost of another building.
A photograph of Denali from down along the pines.
The wild spanish mustangs of Corolla roam through the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
The wild spanish mustangs of Corolla roam through the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
The Bodie Island Lighthouse
Ocracoke Lighthouse
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